Of New Year Resolutions and New Beginnings

Hey there, Happy 2019. I know I’m late to the party, but better late than never, right? How’s the year treating you? I personally did not make any resolutions for the year, but I wrote down a list of things I want to do this year. I really hope I stick to them, because IContinue reading “Of New Year Resolutions and New Beginnings”

A Letter To My Younger Self.

Disclaimer: I wrote this in 2016, so Dear Younger Self, I’m writing this to that awkward girl who grew up never really embracing how amazing she truly is. If I could meet you, there’s so much I’d tell you, ergo, I’m putting them down here, so that you could do things differently, but then again,Continue reading “A Letter To My Younger Self.”

Girls can be friend zoned too…

​ I’m terribly afraid you’ll see through this failing façade I have going on. I mean I would, if I were you. I’m trying so hard to come off as this strong willed woman, But apparently, my body can’t fathom being in that state. So here I am, sitting across from you, On a ‘businessContinue reading “Girls can be friend zoned too…”